Black Lives Matter

At the Annual Congregational Meeting on June 10th there was a unanimous vote to place a Black Lives Matter/Siding With Love (formerly known as Standing on the Side of Love) banner/sign) on the Meetinghouse/Church building.  The type of  banner/sign will be determined by the Anti-Racism Discussion group and the Social Justice Council.  Our goal is to do the research during the summer and have the banner/sign ready for installing in September.

One of the greatest responses to the “Black Lives Matter” statement is “But don’t all lives matter?”

I give you two potential responses to consider:

One that was placed on a UU Church’s Black Lives Matter banner:    “Of course all lives matter….we believe that every individual is important and every person deserves to be treated with justice and compassion.  We live, however, in a society that often suggests otherwise. Because of the continuing injustice and violence disproportionately faced by people of color, we affirm that Black Lives Matter.”

And another authored by Gene Testimony Hall:

Let’s be clear:  Black Lives Matter

We never said:  Only Black Lives Matter

That was the media.

In truth we know that: All Lives Matter

            We’ve supported your lives throughout history.

Now we need Your help:  Black Lives Matter

            For Black Lives are in danger